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As soon as the Orion’s searchlight had picked out the gun mounted to the stern, establishing that the stranger was an enemy ship, Weyher’s gunners opened fire, registering hits with Every single round, killing a person guy, shooting absent the freighter’s radio aerials and crippling her steering equipment.

Given that the Orion’s gunners opened fire, as well as the enemy gunners speedily, but ineffectively, responded, the raider’s radio operators didn't jam the continual stream of SOS messages being transmitted from your enemy ship.

As there was no question of a ship with these unreliable engines becoming despatched out to the high seas yet again, the majority of her armament and Particular machines was eliminated for further more use around the ships then getting geared up for the next wave of raiders.

Sinking slowly, but burning fiercely, with the flames mounting high into your night sky similar to a substantial torch, which may be witnessed for miles, two torpedoes had been fired into the stricken ship, the next of which caused a massive explosion, destroying a lifeboat and killing most of her crew who had jumped overboard, and sent her down through the stern, leaving the survivors in the mountainous seas.

The shells that experienced penetrated her hull had buried themselves within the sand she was carrying as ballast, and had exploded with minimum effect, Along with the sand then serving to plug the holes.

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Once again, the Komet’s prize crew had been the primary to board the surrendered ship, confirming her identification and reporting that she was carrying a cargo of foodstuffs and piece items from Melbourne and Newcastle to Nauru and Ocean Island, plus a sixty-four-man crew, 3 of whom were killed.

On February twenty, in steadily deteriorating weather, the Orion was hammered by winds that rose to Force 12, and in many cases higher in squalls, and was battered and buffetted by colossal seas, sustaining some significant damage.

She was bashed and tossed about so terribly, that she sustained a substantial number of damage and at you can look here times had to heave to and simply trip it out.

With more information Komet, the quicker, plus much more dependable ship, departing to carry out some reconnaissance around Nauru, Weyher replenished his storerooms with the freighter’s cargo of food supplies, after which she was torpedoed and sunk.

Fortunately, minimal cloud and dense, gradual-relocating rain squalls delivered practical protect, during which she managed to slip absent for the southwest, as being the plane searched in vain overhead, and by next morning, she was safely outside of number of an additional group of aircraft despatched out from Perth to look for her.

Corpus Christi police officers were being referred to as out to some home inside the city's southside for any shooting. The incident happened around seven:15 pm Monday night inside a community in close proximity to Breckenridge Park.

Each the Orion and the Alstertor re-fuelled in the Ole Jacob, whilst the crew transferred clean supplies of eggs, potatoes, cheese and 14,000 bottles of top rated quality export beer in rowing boats from the Alstertor as a result of choppy seas.

By late afternoon, Weyher received a report from his Main, Kolsch, stating that While using the completion from the refit, they would now be effective at remaining at sea for six months for a longer time than initially envisaged, and that, despite acquiring only 3 boilers operational, the ship can be able to a best speed of 13 knots.

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